Follow PET/SPECT markers on cells with minimal workload

LigandTracer Yellow is designed to gain insight into medical imaging agents during and after development to better understand binding kinetics. Equipped with a scintillator-based detector suitable for all nuclides used in PET/SPECT imaging, real time binding assays can be made possible for short-lived nuclides such as 11C or 99mTc.

Key features:
  • Detect protein-cell interactions in real-time, using proteins or PET/SPECT tracers
  • Compatible for use with 99mTc and 11C nuclides
  • Uses less disposables
  • Runs in incubator/cold room

Example Publications Using LigandTracer Yellow

High Contrast PET Imaging of Prostate Cancer Using Cobalt-Labeled Antagonist RM26. Contrast Media Mol Imaging. Bogdan et al. 2017

Comparative Evaluation of Tumor Targeting Scafold Protein Labeled at the C-terminus with 111I or 99mTc. Scientific Reports. Garousi et al. 2017

Imaging Feasibility of EGF Receptor expression with affibody molecule labeled with 99mTc Int J Oncol. Andersson et al. 2016

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